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Body, Mind and Spirit to the MAX.

Feel joyful and repletous of energy, positive thoughts and meaningful relationships. Learn how to express them freely wherever and whenever you want. Enjoy a brand new powerful way of experiencing meditation, Mindfulness, Mindfulsex and a special treat: Max Experience.

What is MindfulsexMax?

Max Experience is a modern and innovative way to get deeper inside your core, for people that wants more from their life and for those whi are looking for an answer to one of the most importat self-truth there is…

MindfulSexMAX is the answer to Real People that doesn’t need Tantra, or Tao to have a deeper connection with their Core while having a joyful, fun and complete sexuality.

Why Max?

It doesn’t really matter if you reched me for mindfulness, mindfulsex or for Max Experience, you’re choosing a path that will bring you closer to yourself and, as a consequence, to the others. This is my story and yours too.

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Life Power & Love Power

Life Power and Love Power are two essential forces for the human being and for the most of you, even if you don’t think so, and maybe, even more if you don’t think so, they are opposed to each other due to lack of emotional and sexual education in our society. IT doesn’t really matter if western or eastern, there’s no lighter side “by default” in any culture. Unbalanced Ego, traumas, higher or lower borders of self-esteem spectrum, high expectation for being a public figure or for a real genius-level talent, and in general experiences that modify your True Self perspective are sometimes causes and effects of our common human background. But there is more to the eyes for those who seek, more of what you can find in the saturated holistic market, something original that can help people. You don’t even have to choose you can be both One of Many and a Star.

Mindful-ness Session



MindfulsexMax Session



Max Experience – Beginners Combo(Initiation 3h + 3 Sessions)



Max Experience
(Initiation Only – 3h)



Max Experience Session



* Make it a Home Session at your own place with only 25% more. Available in Madrid, inside M30 highway.

“Mindfulness works in a few session, let’s say 5 to 10. Mindfulsex is specific version of it and it’s quite effective too, you can learn in let’s say 3 to 5 sessions. Max Experience is my totally optional version for people that wants to get “there” with a single session, or that wants to go far deeper than with only classic Mindful-something. If you like it, let me be your guide…” (Max)




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