MindfulsexMax and Max Experience

I’ve been teaching Mindfulness since 2012 to people around the world, very different from each other for culture and beliefs. What I found out in these years is that there is a star inside of every human, but most of people have it covered by deep clouds of trauma, debilitating life experiences and misinformation. When you tap into your core power you will be able to see beyond common minsconceptions about mind, emotions and sexuality. But is Sex so important? Why we always think about it and see it everywhere in ads, publicity, marketing… etc? There is a shallow answer and you can get it anywhere.

There is a difference between mindfulsex and MindfulsexMax. One is the application of mindfulness to sexuality and good luck finding something of value in less than ten sessions!

The MindfulsexMax or MAX EXPERIENCE was born as a practical and effective response from Real People who do not want to invest in many sessions, but in a system that can give them motivation to repeat the techniques independently.

How many people as a mindfulness instructor came to me telling me that they could not meditate with mindfulness and that they felt weird because of this. The truth is that mindfulness is a very simple form, sometimes too simple, which has given rise to many unfounded interpretations and that leads people to follow meditation as if it were a hashtag.

MindfulsexMax or MAX EXPERIENCE was born to meet the needs of stars, the classic celebrities, but also those who without reaching fame have an important value for society, such as entrepreneurs, athletes, therapists, and that with their action and work can change the lives of others.

For this reason MindfulsexMax is transmitted with a single session, called initiation, where the technique is explained, and that’s it. If a person then wants more sessions it is for pure pleasure because, unlike mindfulness and mindfulsex, desire, Life Power and Love Power are the forces that work to enable:

  • Mind-body harmony
  • Self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Separation from ego, and false identities absorbed over time.
  • Empowering Life Power, vitality, physical Stamina
  • Search for Maximum Experience in the contact with ourselves
  • Enhance sexual experience
  • Unblock sexual traumas if present
  • Freeing from sexual taboos and phobias
  • Recognize your true self and your social self to live together
  • Balance emotional energies
  • Improve sexual performance and duration
  • Help in cases of impotence
  • Enjoy every sexual encounter
  • Learn self-respect and self-love
    Solve emotional and/or sexual couple issues

Specifically: MindfulsexMax is the non-freaky answer for Real People who want to deepen and improve their sexual, affective and love relationships without falling into tales, tantras, taos, ambiguous massages and charismatic characters.

Those who have the eyes of the whole world on them and are the object of desire and envy, but also of love and expectations, they need a special care that only those who know that world like me can give them.
Those who live normal lives creating that fame and glory and who live as protagonists and were born in a world that has the tendency to trap their gifts and talents giving opacity to their vital force.
Those who have not had a very special personal path have a stagnant and frightened sexuality, depending on the experiences that have shaped them. Some more fortunate believe to have reached the top of their sexual life for luck and frequency, others have to struggle for few sad fucks.
Through MindfulsexMax we will not only enhance your ability to express your sexual and life force, but we go further by exploring your true self to create independence.

We unblock the flow of your true sexuality so that frequency and quality are no longer metrics but normality to follow with moments of pure physicality expanding the 5 senses, human and romantic love, getting to the core of the couple/partnership/polyamory and experiencing human connection in any form of attraction.

Kinky, fetish, and all forms of respectful fun between consenting adults with their implicit rules are accepted. All forms of heterosexual and lgbtqi+ are accepted. All that is emotion and sexuality has a safe place to develop, and that place is with Max from MindfulsexMax.

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